To help build and empower strong individuals


We seek to create a culture for people to discover and embrace newfound strength and power; strength that can overcome and transform, and power that can be magnified even in weakness.

We hope that each member will be inspired by hard work and perseverance to perform at their best.


at the heart of our vision

It is at the heart of our vision to see our members unite, endure common struggles and claim victory together. We want to foster teamwork and encouragement that will help build each other up.

We are committed to establish a community where everyone can call each other friends, be valued as individuals, and feel welcomed as part of the family.

drives success and fulfilment


Having goals and purpose drives success and fulfilment. Rise & Conquer aims to create an atmosphere of purpose where members will feel empowered and supported in reaching their personal goals and discovering new ones.

The ultimate purpose of Rise & Conquer is to establish a community that is founded on serving others.

A part of our purpose also involves finding and creating opportunities to support our local community.