CrossFit Class

CrossFit is our staple program. It is one of the most effective ways to attain well-rounded fitness due to its functionality, variety, and scalability to any level. Join us for a 60 minute class where our Coaches teach and guide the group through the daily workout. CrossFit classes offer a variety of strength and conditioning components: bodyweight movements, barbell movements, kettlebells, and dumbbells, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning movements. This program is for ALL levels from beginner to advanced.

Open Gym

Allocated time slots to freely do your own thing. These slots are a time for individuals to focus on improving specific areas of skill, movements, technique or to catch up on missed sessions.

Weightlifting Class

Weightlifting Class is a 1-hour Coached lifting session where athletes can come and complete the 3-day Rise & Conquer Weightlifting Cycle. It is the perfect time for all levels to dial down technique, improve strength, and develop confidence with performing the Olympic Lifts.

Sweat45 Class

Sweat45 is our 45 minute conditioning program. This class is based on very simple foundational movements that will make you sweat. Whether you want to add an additional class to your day, or you are just getting started, this class is just for you!

Gymnastics45 Class

Gymnastics45 Class is the perfect class for improving your skills! Our 45 minute gymnastics class is where you can work on pull-ups, muscle ups, handstands, toes to bar, and also accessory movements that will help you build the strength and coordination with body-weight movements. All levels are welcome because all of the movements are scalable to your current ability.