Download Wodify in the App Store on your phone and follow the emails we sent you when you signed up to access your log-in info. If you have any trouble signing in, let us know next time you come to the gym and we can help you reset your password.

On Wodify you can manage your membership by changing your payment method, you can also see the updated class schedule, sign into classes, and track your fitness.

Manage your membership



  • 12 WEEK MINIMUM- We recommend a minimum of 12 weeks when you’re starting simply because you will learn a lot, and we want you to get the full experience.
  • AUTO RENEW- Our memberships auto renew. If your payment method is not current please refer to the below section ‘changing your payment method’.
  • REFUNDS- We cannot issue refunds for memberships. However, we can help you put your membership on hold, or help you cancel your membership.
    • HOLDS- If you need to put your membership on hold there is a 2 week minimum duration for the hold because of the billing cycle. All requested holds will start on the next billing date for the duration requested. To request a hold on your membership please email: members@riseandconquercrossfit.com or tell an employee when you come into class.
    • CANCELLATIONS- If you need to cancel your membership it must submitted 4 weeks prior to the date you want to terminate the membership. To process the request please email info@riseandconquercrossfit.com or tell and employee when you come into class.
  • PAYMENT OPTIONS- Our memberships are either paid in full or paid fortnightly.
    • If you pay 6 months in full, receive a 10% discount or if you pay 12 months in full, receive a 15% discount
    • Our most common payment option is paying fortnightly.
  • NO INITIAL FEES- You’ll notice that there are no sign up fees, or contracts to sign. When you sign up with us, we will just pro-rate the start of your membership to help with organizing the billing dates. The pro-rate shows up as “sign up fee” on your first membership fee.
  • ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBERS: Couples pay our full membership prices, but any additional family member to the couple receives a 15% discount on their membership.
  • QUESTIONS? If you have any questions our Staff and Coaches will either be able to help you, or refer you to someone who can. We appreciate all of you patience and understanding of these Terms & Conditioning.




Please email members@riseandconquercrossfit.com


Gym rules

There is only ONE rule

We are a shirt on facility and we would appreciate it if you would keep your shirt on at all times. We believe in empowering our athletes to be confident through hard work and persistence, which is not directly reflected in our physical body but more in our character. Please join us in keeping your clothes on while you’re in the gym to respect others, and the appreciation of where people are in their own individual journeys.

High fives

We are a welcoming facility and our hope is for everyone to feel like they’re home.

You will notice that you’ll receive an average of 5 high fives per hour at our gym and that’s because the high five is a symbol of  recognition. Join us in celebrating personal bests, meeting new people, finishing workouts, and having a sense of accomplishment with the symbol of a high five.


Respecting Equipment

There is lots of equipment that you are free to use. But, with respect to the staff and others when you’re done using it please put it back exactly how you found it.

Although barbell’s with plates are meant to be dropped, dumbbells and kettlebells are not. Please do not ghost ride our dumbbells and kettlebells.



Class times

We understand that life is unpredictable and you are sometimes late, that is totally ok. Please just don’t make being late a habit.

Class sizes are capped for your safety and to maintain the quality of the class. Please make sure you’re signing into classes ahead of time!

Class times and the variety of programs are designed so that you can get as fit as you desire, with that said we appreciate if you save all of your additional working out for Open Gym times.




Our private member’s only Facebook group is where you can stay up to date, and get connected with our amazing community.