Our Approach

The Rise & Conquer Difference

Our Promise

Our Difference

The Rise & Conquer difference is that we are in the business of investing in each individual – in our members, staff, families, friends, and local community. We believe that within each person lies immense value and potential, regardless of who you are. We invest in people so that they too can one day be inspired to do the same for others.


Western Sydney

Our Facility

Our gym is a modern strength and conditioning facility located in Blacktown, Western Sydney. Here you will discover a wide range of quality functional fitness equipment suitable to any fitness level and training experience.

We have barbells, bumper plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, wall balls, gymnastic rings, squat racks, pull ups rigs, plyometric boxes, climbing ropes, and much more.


Our Training Method

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that can be scaled to any fitness level and experience. It is totally inclusive. Whether you are a beginner starting your fitness journey, an avid athlete seeking an edge, or somewhere in between, CrossFit is for you.

The CrossFit methodology is based on engaging in constantly varied, functional movements at high but safe intensity. We believe this method to be the most effective way of getting people fit, strong and healthy.

The CrossFit methodology

Our Workout Programs

Under the CrossFit methodology we implement a variety of cardiovascular conditioning, gymnastics, and weightlifting.

Our workout programs are innovative, effective, constantly challenging and fun. They reflect the extensive knowledge and experience of our professional coaches who are committed to ensuring you get the best training experience possible.

While we value your hard work and progress, your safety remains our top concern. We are firm advocates of using correct technique and form. We also provide scaling options for people with injury.